Get Involved 

Connect--Share--Give back

Volunteering for a project or one of the AARS committees is an excellent way to re-connect with your classmates and the broader Rhodes community, share your skills and perspectives, and give back to the community.

  • Assist a class, perhaps your class, plan and organize a reunion: 25th Reunion, 40th Reunion, 50th Reunion or find another reason to get your classmates together.
    • Catch-up with classmates, find out what they are doing, and what they are passionate about. They'll appreciate you making it happen; you'll have fun.
  • Collect information about what this amazing community of people is doing and what they are concerned about.
    • Work on Publications & Communications or the Website Committees.
  • Participate on an event committee to plan and organize an event for Rhodes Scholars and others.
    • The recent Alain Locke Centenary Program brought Board members and volunteers together to recognize the legacy and contributions of the first black Rhodes Scholar.
    • The Bon Voyage Weekend is always looking for volunteers to help launch the new Scholars on their Oxford experience.

Before the recent change in the Rhodes selection process, many of us saw one another on State and Regional Selection Committees. With the smaller number of committees in the new District Selection process, getting involved with AARS is an excellent way to continue your connection to the Rhodes community.

Volunteer for the opportunity that best fits your skills, interests, availability and expectations. You will be welcomed. AARS has more ideas and programs than it has volunteers to make them happen. And, you can bring your own ideas. You can give back through your service to the Rhodes community. Contact President Steve Crown ( for more information.