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Abigail Seldin (PA & St. Antony's '09) Featured in USA Today For Anti-Sex Trafficking Work

Abigail Seldin's Foundation Uncovered Sex Trafficking At State-Authorized Massage Schools

A.E. Dick Howard Helped Guarantee Black Voting Rights (VA & Christ Church '58)

50 years ago, A.E. Dick Howard helped rewrite Virginia's constitution to ensure voting rights.

Response to David Satter's (Il & Balliol '68) Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

AARS Co-Presidents, Nnenna Lynch (NY & St. John's '93) and Janice Ugaki (ID & St. Antony's '93), provide response to David Satter's Op-Ed

2021 United States Rhodes Scholarship Winners

Peter Andringa Named Scholar-Elect (VA, 2021)

Shera Avi-Yonah Named Scholar-Elect (MA, 2021)

Avital Balwit Named Scholar-Elect (OR, 2021)

Tyrese Bender Named Scholar-Elect (VA, 2021)

Phaidra Buchanan Named Scholar-Elect (GA, 2021)

Aryemis Brown Named Scholar-Elect (CO, 2021)

Jamal Burns Named Scholar-Elect (MO, 2021)

Carissa Chen Named Scholar-Elect (CA-South, 2021)

Garima Desai Named Scholar-Elect (CA-North, 2021)

Elijah DeVaughn Named Scholar-Elect (CA-South, 2021)

Nicolas Fishman Named Scholar-Elect (MD/DC, 2021)

Amytess Girgis Named Scholar-Elect (MI, 2021)

Danielle Grey-Stewart Named Scholar-Elect (NY-South, 2021)

Kendall Jefferys Named Scholar-Elect (TX, 2021)

Daniel Lesman Named Scholar-Elect (OH, 2021)

Nkaziewoh Nchinda-Pungong Named Scholar-Elect (WI, 2021)

Sam Patterson Named Scholar-Elect (MD/DC, 2021)

Santiago Potes Named Scholar-Elect (FL, 2021)

Victoria Puglia Named Scholar-Elect (PA, 2021)

Asma Rahimyar Named Scholar-Elect (CT, 2021)

Vijay Ramasamy Named Scholar-Elect (KS, 2021)

Brian Reyes Named Scholar-Elect (NY-South, 2021)

Savarni Sanka Named Scholar-Elect (NC, 2021)

Hattie Seten Named Scholar-Elect (SD, 2021)

Swathi Srinivasan Named Scholar-Elect (OH, 2021)

Jeremy Thomas Named Scholar-Elect (MA, 2021)

Lillian Usadi Named Scholar-Elect (NJ, 2021)

Alondra Vázquez López Named Scholar-Elect (CA-North, 2021)

Evan Walker Named Scholar-Elect (TX, 2021)

Jackson Willis Named Scholar-Elect (FL, 2021)

Wilfried Zibell Named Scholar-Elect (AK, 2021)

Alice Baumgartner (Illinois & Merton, 2011) Authors "South to Freedom: Runaway Slaves to Mexico and the Road to Civil War"
Alice Baumgartner
Basic Books

Alice Baumgartner tells the story of the several thousand enslaved people who escaped to Mexico in the decades leading up to the U.S. Civil War.

Cristina A. Bejan (NC & Wadham '04) Authors "Green Horses On the Walls", A Collection of Poetry
Cristina A. Bejan, PhD
Finishing Line Press, 2020

Cristina A. Bejan writes a collection of poetry about her Romanian heritage, the inherited trauma of communism, love, mental health and sexual assault.

Cristina A. Bejan (NC & Wadham '04) Authors "Intellectuals and Fascism in Interwar Romania: The Criterion Association"
Cristina A. Bejan, PhD
Palgrave, 2019

Cristina A. Bejan writes academic history book. 

Cristina A. Bejan (NC & Wadham '04) Writes Theatrical Play in a Volume "'J'y suis j'y reste' (play) in Voices on the Move"
eds. Domnica Radulescu & Roxana Cazan (Solis Press, 2020)
Mira Debs (Iowa & Magdalen '99) Authors "Diverse Families, Desirable Schools: Public Montessori in the Era of School Choice"
Mira Debs
Harvard Education Press, 2019

In Diverse Families, Desirable Schools, Mira Debs offers a richly detailed study of public Montessori schools, which make up the largest group of progressive schools in the public sector.

Pam McElwee (KS & Wadham '93) Authors "COVID-19 and the Biodiversity Crisis"
Pam McElwee
The Hill

Pam McElwee writes op-ed on the biodiversity/climate breakdown and its links to the COVID pandemic.

AARS Urgency of Now Initiative

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, we have convened a task force of Association of American Rhodes Scholars (AARS) board members and scholars to address systemic racism.

Rhodes Scholars Stepping Up Globally During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has reinforced what we already knew – Rhodes Scholars step up to serve others.

Sarah Swenson (SD & Balliol 2011) Co-Publisher "Give Flu Vaccines a Shot"

Sara Swenson writes op-ed emphasizing the heightened importance of influenza vaccines this flu season.

AARS Urgency of Now Event: What Can History Tell Us About This Moment?

The AARS hosted a special virtual conversation with Eric Foner, Randall Kennedy, and moderator Camille Borders on Sunday, October 11. 

Three Women Fill Top AARS Officer Roles
For the first time since this prestigious alumni organization was founded in 1907, the Association of American Rhodes Scholars (AARS) elected three women to fill its top leadership positions.
AARS Urgency of Now Event: A virtual conversation with Maxine Williams (Commonwealth Caribbean & St. Catherine’s, '92), Global Chief Diversity Officer at Facebook

The AARS "Urgency of Now" Initiative welcomes Maxine Williams (Commonwealth Caribbean & St. Catherine’s, '92) to discuss issues regarding diversity in the workplace and ending systemic racism.

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