This AARS Website collects and displays Basic Member Information (such as name, state and year of election, colleges, courses, and degrees). If you agree to participate, it will also display information about your occupation, your profile including general biographical information, personal intersts and activities on behalf of AARS and the Rhodes Trust which you provide on the following pages. It does NOT share address information, other than your e-mail address. To repeat, your street and U.S. Postal mailing addresses will NOT be made available to others on-line by this site. We do share information collected on this website with the American Secretary on behalf of the Rhodes Trust and with Rhodes House in Oxford, but none of the information you provide to the Online Database will be made accessible to the general public. This is not a guarantee--see item #4 below--but it is our policy. For further information concerning the rules that govern this website, please keep reading.

1. This web site is intended solely for use of the Rhodes Scholar community, for non-commercial purposes. As a Rhodes Scholar, you should be able to draw the appropriate line. If in doubt, don't do it.

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3. There are no guarantees concerning content on the site. Remember, this is a community site run by volunteers. The lawyers would like us to say something along the lines of "we make no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the material posted to this site, or about the results to be obtained from using the web site or the material, etc." You get the idea. We will not intentionally post any materials that include viruses or other malware. Nor would we think that any of you would post such offensive material. Suffice it to say that your use of this web site is entirely at your own risk.

4. Security is never fail-safe. We will attempt to run this web site with access restricted to members of the Rhodes Scholar community, but we cannot guarantee any level of privacy. You should consider any communication you make to the web site subject to prying eyes and possible redistribution.

5. Please act responsibly. Do your fellow Rhodes Scholars a favor. Do not post materials that will subject you or others to legal liability. Do not post sexually-explicit materials, solicitations of business, chain letters or pyramid schemes.

6. The AARS will not screen communications in advance. This next part gets tricky. We want to honor free speech and the First Amendment. We are not responsible for screening or monitoring material posted to the web site. That said, we will attempt to act reasonably to remove offensive material brought to our attention by members of the Rhodes Scholar community. In posting material to the web site you agree that we may exercise that editorial power in our discretion.

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8. The AARS reserves the right to change these terms of use in its discretion. Any such changes will be effective when posted by the AARS to this page.

9. If you do not agree to the provisions noted above, you are not authorized to use this web site.