Erin Mauldin: West Point Valedictorian Wants to Join the Infantry

Kevin Lilley
Army Times

A West Point valedictorian who received her diploma in May from President Obama. A Rhodes Scholar who studies at Oxford and trains with the university's rowing team. The first American woman to graduate from French Commando School.

Second Lt. Erin Mauldin's résumé has more than its share of superlatives, but this month's magazine rack adds another, from a less-than-expected source:

She's now a "Cosmo girl" — sort of.

The 22-year-old was the lone American representative in a Cosmopolitan magazine feature entitled "8 Incredible Women Who Will Inspire You to Break the Rules," a compilation put together with support from some of the magazine's 60-plus international editions and backed by the Clinton Foundation's No Ceilings initiative.

Mauldin's "world-rocking work" is listed alongside an 18-year-old Polish chemist developing a treatment for pancreatic cancer, the first female soccer agent in South Africa and an Olympic weightlifting hopeful from the United Arab Emirates. Chelsea Clinton wrote the introduction. Mauldin's labeled "the trailblazer" for her post-Oxford plans to enter the infantry.

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