Myron Rolle: Ex-NFL player, Rhodes Scholar tells Monmouth U grads: 'Get to the front lines'

Rob Spahr

It is not every day a commencement speech gets a standing ovation. But it's also not every day that Myron Rolle speaks to a graduating class - he's too busy making the world a better place.

Lucky for the approximately 600 students who graduated from Monmouth University on Friday, Rolle not only made the trip up from Florida – where he is currently a second-year medical student working to become a pediatric neurosurgeon - to deliver the commencement address, but the 28-year-old Rhodes Scholar and former NFL player also invited them to join him on the front lines of their generation.

"We need young people like yourself who have scientific minds and who have humanistic hearts ... to get to the front lines and be strong leaders," Rolle said. "My young friends, I am excited for you and I'm excited for your future. I love coming here and speaking to young people like you because I view it kind of like a recruiting pitch, to get you on the front line with me so we can join arm in arm and do great things together."

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