Lt. Gov. Bill Halter Announces Senate Run

Press Release
Little Rock, Arkansas

Press Release from Lt. Gov. Bill Halter

Little Rock - Bill Halter, joined by his wife Shanti and father William, Sr., today walked up the stairs of the state capitol and into its rotunda where he made his fight to put Arkansans first official by filing to be a candidate for the United States Senate.

Halter, who yesterday announced his intention via an on-line video at, said, “Washington is broken and is more beholden to insiders and special interests than it is to people here at home. I’ve taken on special interests and insiders before and I won’t be afraid to do it, again.  It’s time to put Arkansas first.”

"Today I'm making my U.S. Senate campaign to put Arkansas families first official,” continued Halter.  “Washington should be working for us, but it isn’t.  It is immoral to be bailing out Wall Street with no strings attached while leaving middle class Arkansas taxpayers with the bill, or protecting insurance company profits rather than protecting patients and lowering health costs.   While unemployment is at a 25 year high, Washington responds by bickering and playing partisan games. Enough is enough.”

“Our jobs are being shipped overseas, seniors are being pushed to the brink and big banks and insurance companies are getting taxpayer-funded bail outs,” continued Halter. “Serving Arkansas as your lieutenant governor for the past three years has been an incredible honor but I am ready to take my fight for Arkansans to the United States Senate.”

Halter is widely known for taking on insiders and special interests to pass the scholarship lottery which will help more than 28,000 Arkansans this year alone.  Halter has served as a Social Security leader who helped fight off Republican and Wall Street schemes to privatize it.  He also served in President Clinton’s budget office where he helped balance the federal budget for the first time in 40 years.

*New Television Ad Airs Today*

The Halter Campaign also announced that it will launch a new television ad beginning this evening in all major Arkansas media markets.

"We are thrilled to have the resources needed to communicate directly with Arkansans beginning on Day One," said Halter spokesman Bud Jackson.  "Without question, the more people hear from Bill Halter, the more we grow support."

The audio transcript is below and the video may be viewed here:

HALTER: I’m Bill Halter. My old football coach always said:

COACH: Get it done!

HALTER: So when Wall Street said:

CEO: Let’s privatize Social Security.

HALTER: I helped stop them.

And when insiders said:

POLITICIAN: We don’t want a scholarship lottery.

HALTER: I took it to the people.

Thanks to you, we’ll help 28,000 families pay for college without raising taxes.

HALTER: Now, I’m running for the Senate to take on Washington special interests.

COACH: Run ‘em off the field!

HALTER: With your help we can.

I’m Bill Halter and I approve of this message.

COACH: Me too!