Lord Waldegrave to retire as Chairman of the Rhodes Trust

Call for nominations
Rhodes House
Oxford, UK

Lord Waldegrave of North Hill is to retire as Chairman of the Rhodes Trustees in December 2011, and the Trustees have invited nominations to succeed him.

In making this announcement, the Chairman of the Trust’s Governance Committee, Mr Dominic Barton (British Columbia & Brasenose 1984), paid tribute to Lord Waldegrave’s distinguished chairmanship of the Trustees.

‘As a Trustee since 1992 and Chairman since 2002, William Waldegrave has made an exceptional contribution to the Rhodes Trust and the Rhodes Scholarship’, Mr Barton said. 

‘As Chairman, he has overseen the appointments of Sir Colin Lucas and now Don Markwell as Warden of Rhodes House, the successful creation of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation (which is doing such good work in Africa, to which the Rhodes Trust has always been committed), the renewal of the governance of the Trust and the increasing engagement of Rhodes Scholars in shaping the future of the Scholarship, vigorous responses to our financial challenge (including though the development of fundraising within and beyond the Rhodes community), and much more.

‘The standing of the Rhodes Scholarship and the quality of Scholars has perhaps never been better.

‘Lord Waldegrave has performed his responsibilities with great distinction, clarity of mind, and hallmark good humour. We have much reason to be grateful to him’, Mr Barton said.

Mr Barton also announced that, to succeed Lord Waldegrave in December 2011, the Trustees are inviting all Rhodes Scholars and friends of the Scholarship to make nominations. Nominees may, but need not, be Scholars or current Trustees.

‘Nominations are sought of people of stature and experience, committed to the long-term vitality of the Scholarship, who are able to dedicate the time needed to lead the Trustees and support the Warden in his crucial work, including through helping to lead our fundraising efforts’, he said.

Nominations should be sent to the Warden of Rhodes House, Dr Donald Markwell, in his capacity as Secretary to the Trustees, at admin@rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk by 31 January 2011.

For more: http://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/page/lord-waldegrave-to-retire-as-chairman---call-for-nominations