Lewis & Clark Congratulates a Rhodes Scholar

Ellisa Valo
Lewis & Clark: The Chronicle Magazine

It takes far more than good grades to be considered for a Rhodes Scholarship. In addition to high academic achievement, winners are chosen on the basis of their integrity, character, spirit of unselfishness, respect for others, potential for leadership, and physical vigor. In one defining race with the Lewis & Clark track team, Tamma Carleton clearly displayed the depth and breadth of character that distinguished her as Rhodes Scholar material.

It was her final race as a senior at the conference championship. The day before, she had competed in the 10K—and won by 30 seconds. “After the 10K,” recalls coach Keith Woodard, “she volunteered to run the 5K, a very tough double, to earn points for the team.” The 5K would determine whether Lewis & Clark would pull ahead of Puget Sound, its archrival of the past four years.

Few realized that just making it to the meet at all had been a victory for Tamma. In the fall, a stress fracture had sidelined her from the regional championships. During that time, her father was diagnosed with cancer, and as his illness progressed into the spring, she decided to quit running competitively to spend more time with him. When he died later that spring, Tamma found that running and being with her teammates was one of the few things that consoled her. As the team eyed the spring conference championship, she wanted to support their efforts, and though still mourning her father’s death, she decided to return to competition.

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