Student from Miami lands Rhodes Scholarship

Charles Rabin
Miami Herald

It's personal for Daniel Lage.

At 21 he's already catapulted his way from Gulliver Preparatory School to one of the world's most prestigious universities. And now he's on his way, all expenses paid, to the world's most ballyhooed graduate school.

Lage, who will graduate from Harvard in May with a degree in history and science, was recently awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to England's University of Oxford. He is on a very short list of Cuban Americans to receive such an honor, though it's hard to know exactly how many, since records of that nature are hard to come by.

This, though, is certain: His choice of study across the pond is comparative social policy, or, the study of different healthcare systems. And the driver of his ambition is his grandfather Eugene Lage, a small business owner in Cuba who escaped Castro in 1970. He became a trucker in the United States.

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