Democrats Push to Confirm Appeals Court Nominee Goodwin Liu

Legal Times

Goodwin Liu's bid for a federal judgeship is headed for a crucial vote this week, in what will likely be the biggest fight yet over any of President Barack Obama's nominees for the lower federal courts.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) moved tonight to bring debate on Liu’s nomination to a close, setting up a vote possibly on Thursday. The motion needs the support of 60 senators to pass.  The Democratic caucus controls 53 seats, so they would need Republican help to defeat a filibuster.

Reid considered a similar move to end debate on Liu’s nomination at least once before, in November, before backing off.  But in recent weeks, Senate Democrats have turned their attention to pushing through other Obama judicial nominees who faced tough opposition, including Edward Chen and John “Jack” McConnell Jr. for federal district court.  McConnell survived an attempted Republican filibuster, and the Senate has not voted down any of Obama’s judge picks.

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