Anna Alekseyeva To Study at Oxford on Rhodes Scholarship

Russian Jewish Immigrant to St. Louis Wins Scholarship
Lena Fish
St. Louis Jewish Light

Among the 32 students in the United States awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University in England this fall, is St. Louisan Anna Alekseyeva, a Russian Jewish immigrant who came with her parents and brother to St. Louis from St. Petersburg in 1994. She will spend the next two to three years at Oxford, with all of her expenses paid.

Alekseyeva graduated from University of Chicago in May, where she majored in history and public policy. But she started her distinguished educational career as a shy kindergartener at Old Bonhomme Elementary School in Olivette. It was there that she first became a dedicated student.

"I always study," Alekseyeva said. "I mean that's what I have done for the past four years. It is difficult to achieve at the University of Chicago otherwise. But I like to study anyway. It's kind of natural for me."

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