South Bend Elects 29 year old Buttigieg

Mark Peterson
South Bend, Indiana
Democrat Pete Buttigieg claims victory in election for South Bend mayor, beating Republican Wayne Curry and Libertarian Patrick Farrell.

A total lack of experience didn’t hurt the job search of one South Bend resident.

Pete Buttigieg will become the city’s next mayor—despite the fact that he has never held public office before.

“And when I entered this race in January, not a lot of people believed that a young man with a funny name, who had never held office before, could earn the confidence of a community at a turning point,” Pete Buttigieg said during his victory speech at the West Side Democratic Club.

“Well, at least he’s going to get a job, you know,” joked the mayor elect’s mother, Anne Buttigieg, who added, “He’s enthusiastic, he works extremely hard to study economics, politics, philosophy, history, the way things have worked in the past in South Bend and in the country so he’s done everything he could to prepare himself for the task.”

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