Wake Forest student earns Rhodes Scholarship

The Associated Press
Silicon Valley Mercury News

A student at Wake Forest University has been named a Rhodes Scholar for his work studying the molecular structure of proteins—research that could lead to the discovery of new drugs to combat chronic diseases.

Brandon Turner, of Fontana, Calif., is the school's 12 Rhodes Scholar in the past 25 years. He is one of 32 American students who were awarded all-expenses paid scholarships to study at prestigious Oxford University in England.

Turner said he wants to pursue a master's degree in global health science and public health, then use his knowledge to study the growth of chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer in developing countries.

"I want to analyze and design effective interventions that will hopefully address this growing problem, with particular emphasis on physical activity, nutrition, and sanitation. However, I also want to be active in advocating for policies that will address health inequalities and chronic diseases," Turner said.

Turner also plays rugby and volunteers regularly at a Winston-Salem homeless shelter. He spent one summer teaching people how to use computers and building computer labs in Cameroon, said Tom Phillips, director of the Wake Forest Scholars program.

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