Bill Bradley: 'Do Better' To Reverse Country's Course

NPR Staff

Former New Jersey senator and basketball hall-of-famer Bill Bradley sees an America in the midst of a "slow-motion crisis." The problems, he argues, are driven by the expansive role of money in politics, ineffective approaches to job creation and underwhelming efforts to stimulate the economy.

In his book We Can All Do Better, Bradley — who stepped away from politics largely after he failed to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2000 — confesses that he misses public policy. He sets out a series of arguments about how to get the nation back on track.

Bradley believes political change can come about remarkably fast, but only if people get involved. "Given the challenges we face in the world today ... each of us has to be at his or her own best," he tells NPR's Neal Conan. "And even if we're at our best individually, ultimately, our success ... will depend upon the success of the nation."

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