Editorial: The Times recommends Ross Hunter and Cyrus Habib for 48th Legislative District

In the 48th Legislative District, voters should re-elect state Rep. Ross Hunter and elect Cyrus Habib for a team of smart progressives.
Seattle Times Editorial
The Seattle Times

Voters in the 48th Legislative District have the opportunity to pair a seasoned legislator with a smart, energetic newcomer.

This district includes Bellevue, Kirkland, Medina, Clyde Hill, parts of Redmond and the Point communities.


In Position 2, Democrat Cyrus Habib is the best choice for the open seat formerly held by state Rep. Deb Eddy. Habib has not served in public office, but he exhibits a firm grasp of the urgent issues facing our state and supports critical reforms, including teacher evaluations based on student performance and restructuring public-employee benefits.

Habib’s civic résumé includes serving as the Bellevue Human Rights Commissioner, a trustee of the Bellevue College Foundation, and on the board of the Bellevue Downtown Association.

Endorsements from Eastside Republicans such as Conrad Lee and Kevin Wallace of the Bellevue City Council demonstrate a bipartisan track record.

A technology lawyer at Perkins Coie, Habib is a graduate of the Bellevue Public Schools, a Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law School graduate.

Habib’s opponent is Hank Meyers, a Republican serving ably on the Redmond City Council. Habib is the superior choice.

Voters should choose Hunter and Habib for smart leadership in Olympia.

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