Eric Garcetti: All's in the Family for LA's Successful Men

Michael Herren
Los Angeles Confidential


For Gil and Eric Garcetti politics is a noble affair.

A quick glance at Gil and Eric Garcetti’s résumés—Gil, the longtime LA County District Attorney, and Eric, the three-term LA City Council member and a frontrunner in the 2013 mayoral race—and it’s easy to envision political ambition passed from father to son, a political dynasty fertilized beginning when Eric was a child and continuing until today.

The Garcettis swear otherwise. Eric points out that he was well out of high school by 1992—first to Columbia University for a BA in political science followed by a MIA in international affairs, then as a Rhodes scholar at the University of Oxford and a student at The London School of Economics and Political Science—when Gil started his first term as district attorney. Eric’s first election to city council was in 2001, the year after his dad was defeated in his run for a third term. Hardly propitious.

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