Gerald Ensley: FSU lays claim to the state's first Rhodes scholar

Gerald Ensley
Tallahassee, FL

Fritz Buchholz was one of the greatest residents ever of the fair city of Gainesville.

And the Gainesville-based University of Florida gets to claim Buchholz as one of the most successful young men ever admitted to UF.

But should you need a little extra “Nanny, nanny, boo, boo” to throw at Gator fans during this weekend’s football game, feel free to invoke the name of Buchholz (BYOO-holz). He was the first Rhodes scholar from the state of Florida. And he belongs to Florida State University.

“The Rhodes scholarship represents all that’s valuable and important about a good solid liberal arts education,” said Craig Filar, director of FSU’s Office of National Fellowships. “Buchholz exemplifies that tradition we hold dear and shows that’s our tradition, that it’s in our DNA.”

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