Rhodes Scholar is ‘thrilled for opportunity’

Marena Galluccio
The Red & Black

Over Thanksgiving break, Juliet Elizabeth Allan was named the University’s fourth Rhodes Scholar in the past six years. She was the University’s 23rd Rhodes Scholar to date.

Allan, a four-and-a-half-year Arabic, economics and international affairs major also receiving an international policy master's degree, said she is thrilled for the opportunity to study at Oxford University for a master’s degree in Modern Middle Eastern Studies.

“I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to study at Oxford next year, and I look forward to deepening my understanding of the Middle East through my studies. The entire process has been extremely humbling and fulfilling,” Allan said.

Many of her accomplishments were with the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, a nonpartisan student-run think tank that generates and lobbies for policies, as well as the Thomas Lay After-School Tutoring Program.

Allan wrote a 30-page policy paper on cap and trade for the Roosevelt Institute, which was published in a national journal for Roosevelt. 

During her sophomore year, she wrote a second 30-page policy paper that focused on early childhood education in Athens and was included in a grant. 

She said this later led her to become a teacher’s assistant for a Roosevelt class that required students to write a 30-page policy paper.

Allan became co-director of the Thomas Lay Program her junior year and, with the help of fellow co-director Abby Wong, was able to make changes within the school system to meet the educational needs of the students.

“It was really fulfilling to work with both the Roosevelt [Institute] and Thomas Lay and be able to be a leader because I think with both of those organizations, not only did I grow as a result of being a part of both of them and to see things that I did help other people grow, but to see things that I actually did help students grow and help the program actually be able to serve students,” said Allan.

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