NCCU students urged to become ‘great thinkers’

Neil Offen
The Herald Sun

When Myron Rolle was trying to make a decision — go to the NFL and play professional football or go to Oxford and be a Rhodes Scholar? — he heard many voices telling him what to do.

Then he heard, Rolle recalled Friday, the voice of his father.

It was a voice he had heard 10 years earlier. It was a voice he had heard many times before.

“That voice charged me with becoming one of the great thinkers of my generation,” Rolle said at N.C. Central University’s 64th annual honors convocation for academic achievement.

What had been a difficult decision — a safety from Florida State University, Rolle would have been a first-round NFL draft choice and receive a guaranteed $2 million salary — became an easy one.

“Although I wanted to get to the NFL,” Rolle chose the Rhodes. “I wanted to develop more interests, develop more of my resources,” he told the several hundred NCCU students who had gathered in McDougald-McLendon gym. “I wanted to prove myself that I could be a leader, that I could make an impact.”

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