Quid co-founder Sean Gourley tackles complexity

Rob O'Neill

"Augmented intelligence" can help improve decision making in an increasingly complex world, physicist Sean Gourley told this year's Microsoft's Tech Ed conference, which kicked off in Auckland yesterday.

San Francisco-based Gourley is the co-founder of data analysis company Quid. A Rhodes scholar, physicist and two times New Zealand athletics champion, he now counts major corporations and even space agency Nasa as clients.

Inspired by "freestyle" chess, in which people can team up with each other or with computers, and by new developments in brain research which showed experts use parts of their old reptilian brain for pattern recognition to speed the processing of data, Gourley set out to build systems to support pattern recognition for non experts.

The result is Quid, which can be used to visualise data in 3D and analyse, data from war to competitive business ecosystems and patent applications.

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