Wes Moore Challenges Freshman Class

Eli Wallach
Johns Hopkins News-Letter
Baltimore, MD

Last Thursday, Hopkins students and community members alike piled into the Shriver Hall auditorium to see author and Hopkins alumnus Wes Moore speak. Moore’s book, The Other Wes Moore, is a New York Times best seller and was also the selected summer reading for the class of 2017.

Moore’s speech took the form of motivational advice focused on the stories in his book and the lessons of his life.

The Other Wes Moore follows the extremely different paths of two people named Wes Moore. One Wes Moore, the author of the book, became a Rhodes Scholar. At around the same time, the other Wes Moore received a sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole after robbing a Baltimore jewelry store and murdering a veteran policeman. After communicating with the other Wes Moore through a long series of letters and reaching out to the other Wes Moore’s family, the author Wes Moore was able to organize an account of their two different paths. The account describes the factors and decisions that made each Wes Moore take a distinct path.

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