NFL veteran: I never saw a bullying culture as bad as the Miami Dolphins

There was no leadership in the Miami Dolphins locker room. There's a difference between teasing and harassment
Myron Rolle
The Guardian

In my 27 years I have had fortuitous opportunities to be part of some dynamic social circles. I have been in the board room as a trustee atHampden Sydney College. I have been in a village in Bukavu, Congo with a President Clinton-assembled group of young leaders. I have been at the Bodleian library with Rhodes Scholars. And, currently, I am in labs with my fellow medical students. However, nothing compares to my football career and my immersion in the culture of a college and National Football League locker room. Nothing.

In these locker rooms, one finds an amalgamation of excessive money, egos, youth, competition and hierarchal structures. Indeed this mix sounds ominous. Yet, it can be countered by strong leadership. A strong leader that sets the course for the team. A strong leader that encourages and expects excellence both on and off the field. And a strong leader that introduces the element of basic human respect into a locker room full of edgy, I-still-know-many-thugs kind of players.

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