2014 Rhodes Scholars react with disbelief, delight

Connor Ryan
USA Today

After a final round of interviews Saturday morning, Charlie Tyson, a senior at the University of Virginia, was certain of one thing: He had no chance of winning.

The selection committee, huddled in a building on the campus of George Washington University, asked each of the 13 candidates from the D.C. district to return in the afternoon, when the winners would be announced..

Everyone was asked to bring hard copies of transcripts — in the event he or she was named a Rhodes Scholar.

Tyson left and returned a few hours later without bothering to bring his paperwork. He was certain he wasn't going to need it.

Then he heard his name called. He had won.

"It's all a whirlwind at the moment," Tyson said Sunday night, adding that he did, in fact, run back to his hotel to pick up his transcript.

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