Wamala Stayed Cool Through Rhodes Scholarship Process

Mike Sheridan
Official Site of Villanova Athletics

Pressure situations are a fact of every day athletic life.

Those who come to play at the highest levels learn early what it takes to channel their emotions at the lonely moments when all eyes are focused upon them.

Jessica Wamala claimed nine letters at Milford (N.H.) High School in three sports (basketball, volleyball and indoor track). She has been on a court in a dark uniform with home-standing fans cheering against her. She has stood waiting for the starter's gun to fire. At Villanova, she has carved a leadership niche on a team which enters the holiday as a winner of nine of their first 10 games.

So when Wamala found herself in a setting that could have frayed the nerves of the coolest customer, the moment did not overwhelm her. In fact, she rose up to meet it.

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