Alexander Diaz: Highest honor in academia

Township student named Rhodes Scholar; on way to Oxford Read more: Hudson Reporter - Highest honor in academia Township student named Rhodes Scholar on way to Oxford
Joseph Passantino
Hudson Reporter

If you ask township resident Alexander Diaz what being named a Rhodes Scholar means, he won’t talk about himself or his accomplishments. He’ll talk about what it means as a North Bergen resident, minority, and Diaz family member.

Receiving the greatest academic scholarship in the land isn’t changing the demeanor of the unassuming but confident Harvard senior. 

“It wasn’t as much a win for me, as for the community which I stand for,” said the self-described Cuban-Dominican Afro Latino. “I think this was a huge win in general.

“This is a dream come true. I’m a son of an immigrant. I grew up in the inner city. I’m the son of a working class family. I didn’t even know what Harvard or Rhodes was growing up,” he said. “To win arguably the most prestigious scholarship in the world is incredible. To some degree, the American dream is alive.”

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