Wes Moore hopes book is ‘call to action’

Author speaks to students for Ivy Tech’s ‘Doing the Dream’ celebration
Alyx Arnett
Kokomo Perspective

Wes Moore and another Wes Moore were once headed down the same path before veering off in very different directions.

One of those Moores now carries the titles of Army officer, Rhodes Scholar, White House fellow, best-selling author, youth advocate, and business leader.

The other Moore is in prison, serving a life sentence without parole.

The former Moore made his way to Kokomo to speak with students at Ivy Tech Event and Conference Center as part of Ivy Tech’s “Doing the Dream” celebration on the importance of making the most of opportunities and choices.

Moore wasn’t always headed down the right path and could have easily ended up as the other Moore, he said.

“I found myself repeatedly hurting people who truly loved me so I could impress people who could care less about me,” Moore told the audience.