Largest employment gains by school

Rebecca Larsen

While the nationwide employment rate for recent graduates has been largely flat during the past few years, some schools have bucked the trend and significantly improved their employment rates. Twenty law schools improved their employment rate by 10 percent or more during the past two years, according to a formula created by The National Jurist which uses data from the American Bar Association. The National Jurist created the formula in 2012 in order to assess schools for its Best Value ranking. 

Willamette University College of Law leads all schools with a 19 percent improvement, rising from 57.4 percent for the class of 2011 to 77.1 percent for the class of 2013.

The University of Illinois College of Law and Brooklyn Law School are right behind with a 17 percent improvement during the same time span.

“We strengthened our curriculum to make students more employable and made sure employers knew about it,” said Nick Allard, dean at Brooklyn Law School, which improved employment from 59 to 76 percent on the National Jurist scale. “We have a record high bar pass rate [94 percent), business boot camp, a center for business entrepreneurship and public service fellowships for the third year that secures students their first job after graduation.” 

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