Mayor and Professor: Walling tackles teaching at UM-Flint

Madeline Ciak
The Michigan Times

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach,” is not a valid statement. The newest addition to University of Michigan-Flint’s staff will prove as such.

One may begin to wonder who has the power to discredit a quote from George Bernard Shaw, and the answer may come as a shock. In fact, the answer lies no further than six blocks away from campus, nestled on the first floor of City Hall.

Mayor Dayne Walling is set to instruct a political science course titled “Seminar on Applied Politics- Institutions and Leadership” during the Fall 2014 semester. According to the 2014-2015 course catalog provided by UM-Flint, POL324 is going to serve as an “exploration of the practical challenges facing those occupying leadership positions in public institutional settings, such as legislators, chief executives and other governmental officials.” Topics discussed in the class will include elections, leadership, communication, and current policy, as well as additional selected topics specific to the instructor’s experience.

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