New Mexico Rhodes Scholar Gathering

About 60 UNM students, faculty and staff attended the seminar, on accessibility and costs of education, which was followed by a reception.  Prior to the 90-minute seminar, we did mock interviews of four top UNM students who plan to apply for one or more UK fellowships/scholarships next Fall.  This all was UNM's first such venture, and it was deemed quite a success.

Click here to view photo from seminar.
(At left is UNM Provost Dr. C. Abdallah; then four Rhodes Scholars -- Elizabeth Kistin Keller (2004), JHM (1955), Heather Wilson (1982) and Manuel Montoya (1999).  Elizabeth is from a NM family and went to UNC-Chapel Hill; she was elected RS from NM; Manuel and I are UNM graduates elected from NM; Heather was elected from NH after graduation from USAFA in Colorado Springs.)