AARS Quadrennial Meeting

Washington, D.C.

All AARS Members should have received the following message, and attachments.


Date:    August 20, 2010

To:       To All Members of the Association

From:    AARS Nominating and Governance Committee

            Douglas A. Beck (CA & New College, ’92), Chair       

            Maryana Iskander (TX & Trinity, ’97)

            Robert G. McKelvey (CT & Merton, ’59)                      

            John H. Morrison (NM & University, ’55)

            Martina Vandenberg (CA & St. Antony’s, ‘90)

The regular Quadrennial Meeting of Members will be held on Saturday, September 25, 2010, at The Dupont Hotel, 1500 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC at 5:30 p.m.  The enclosed [attached] Ballot presents the nominees recommended for four-year terms on the AARS Board of Directors, 2010-2014.  The Ballot includes five nominees for initial four-year terms, and nineteen current Directors who are re-nominated for additional four-year terms. 

A large number of highly qualified candidates from across the AARS community expressed an interest in joining the Board this cycle.  In making the difficult selections among these candidates, the Nominating and Governance Committee focused on the most critical areas of expertise and experience that the Board needs to function effectively, as well as the commitment to put those skills to work in furthering the Association’s objectives.  In addition to specific capability requirements and commitment to advancing the Association’s goals, the Committee paid particular attention to breadth of representation across the academic disciplines, professions, geographies, and backgrounds that make up our AARS community. 

We are particularly grateful for the significant commitment of time and energy that the current Directors have made to the Association, including those who will continue to serve and those who will be rolling off the Board this cycle.  We also thank the many other Association members who have expressed interest in joining the Board but who could not be nominated this cycle.  These names, resumes, and indications of interest will be maintained by the Nominating and Governance Committee, will provide a strong “bench” of candidates to help fill any vacancies that occur during the next four-year term, and will also be considered during the next quadrennial cycle.  We would encourage any members who have an interest in the Board’s work to get involved in committees or other activities of the Association.

As you review the Ballot, please note that in addition to the 24 regular Directors, the Nominating and Governance Committee is also recommending that the Board elect four current Board members as Senior Directors for 2010-2014, and two recent Scholars to two-year terms for 2010-2012.  These two categories of Directors, to be elected by the Board, are provided for by Article VI of the AARS Certificate of Incorporation (July 21, 2006).